Arcos de la Frontera, November 27, 2020. VOX Arcos has denounced the poor condition of some streets in Jédula and asks the government team to allocate the necessary resources to solve it urgently.

Specifically, the road surface on Ancha, Limones and Cerezo streets is in very poor condition and needs urgent action, especially at a time like this when the autumn rainy season has begun.

In the circumstances, the pedestrian crossing that is located on Ancha street where the Hermanos Cabeza self-service is located is almost erased, and it may cause accidents to the residents of the area since it is difficult to make it visible by vehicle drivers that circulate there.

In a different vein, the VOX team that has recently been visiting the town has highlighted the lack of bins on most public roads and has also requested the government team that it is necessary for the residents of Jédula to have bins where deposit the garbage and thus be able to prevent it from ending up on the ground, giving a bad image to neighbors and visitors.

bad condition wide street carriageway in Jédula

Finally, the VOX coordinator reminded the government team that the maintenance of urban roads and cleaning are municipal responsibility and has regretted that the PSOE focuses more on ideological projects than on making life easier for the neighbors.

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