Given the Government's plan to de-escalate confinement in the sports sector, Vox has raised a question to find out if they plan to extend the ERTE deadlines among workers in this area, given that the restrictions are more severe and normality will take longer to arrive. . The national deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, is one of those who signs this interpellation to the Government on whether it has been proposed to extend the ERTE deadlines for sports entities.

Vox points out how the plan presented on April 28 by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez contemplates that sports facilities, including fitness clubs, can begin to open from May 11. This should be carried out with a progressive plan to relax the prohibitions that would allow the full opening of the establishments in early June.

However, stresses the Parliamentary Group Vox, "these restrictions of capacity and appointment are difficult to carry out for large-scale sports centers, since most have large numbers of subscribers." A situation that takes shape in Ceuta, where given the number of subscribers and the size of the sports centers, it is very difficult to serve them all.

Faced with these problems, the national representative of Vox for Ceuta also asks the Government "what is the percentage of workers in the sector who can be dismissed for this fact, according to the estimates it manages".

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