After the First Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo, met with the Islamic Commission of Spain to analyze, among other matters, the teaching of Islam in Secondary education in Ceuta and Melilla, VOX asked the PSOE coalition Government in this regard -United we can. The national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, asks the Executive to know what exactly is the agreement reached by Calvo with the CIE in educational matters and, specifically, regarding the teaching of Islam in the institutes of the autonomous cities.

The Ceuta parliamentarian asks the Government to find out if after this week's meeting with the president of the CIE, Ayman Adlbi, it aims to offer the teaching of Islam to students in the secondary stage. In addition, he questions how, if the Executive's commitment is to secularism and the teaching of the Catholic religion is punished, leaving it as an elective whose grade does not count towards the final average, why does it agree with the Islamic Commission to promote the teaching of Islam in Secondary? .

According to various media, in the meeting with de Calvo with representatives of the CIE, a specific space was dedicated to analyzing how to promote the education of the Muslim religion in the classrooms of Ceuta and Melilla institutes. And it is that, although in all schools this education is offered in the Primary stage, that of Secondary had been relegated and in fact the Socialist Government has promoted a reform in which it turns the subject of Catholic religion into an elective whose grade it does not affect the final average of the students.

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