The parliamentary group VOX has registered a series of questions to which they request a written answer from the Government.

Although the borders are closed to international traffic due to the health emergency that plagues our country, it seems that there is a traffic that has not been affected by the current Spanish political situation; the arrival of immigrants to our ports.

Not only has the arrival of illegal immigration to our coasts not stopped, but the first entry of illegal immigrants infected by Covid-19 has also been confirmed.

There are seven people out of the 70 arrivals on March 30 to the coast of Almería who have tested positive for Covid-19. This contagion has interrupted the forecast of transfer to a center in Alhama de Almería.

VOX has registered questions related to the arrival of immigrants to the Almería coast, taking into account the serious circumstances and assuming this phenomenon in such a case a danger to public health.

  1. Is the Government aware of the arrival in Almería of 70 illegal immigrants on March 30?
  2. Where have the illegal immigrants who tested positive for Covid19 finally been located?
  3. Are the conditions that prevent contact and focus of contagion in the province of Almería going to be guaranteed? How?
  4. What actions will derive from this precedent with the successive arrivals of illegal immigrants on our coasts?
  5. Does the government plan to permanently close the ports to the arrival of illegal immigrants?
  6. Is the Kingdom of Spain going to demand from the countries of origin of the illegal immigrants, the remuneration for the treatments and medical tests given to their nationals?

The Government now has, in accordance with Article 190 of the Regulations of the Congress, a period of 20 days to respond, and this period may be extended at the request of the Executive for another 20 days.

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