The Army has been collaborating in border control in Ceuta for a week, and Vox wants to know what the coordination plan between the General Command and the Civil Guard is for the surveillance of the 8.2 kilometers of border perimeter. For this reason, through the national deputy for Ceuta, Teresa López, a battery of questions has been registered addressed to the national executive where questions are raised, among other questions, about whether the military and civil guards have been informed about the protocol to follow to coordinate in border surveillance tasks. The intention of the deputy is to facilitate the work of the Armed Forces and Security Forces and to "protect those who protect us."

López asks how many patrols of the Benemérita remain in the perimeter surveillance and if any Civil Guard patrol has withdrawn, replacing it with military surveillance. Likewise, the deputy asks for information on how many civil guards remain at the border to receive orders and sightings of the points indicated by the thermal cameras to be placed in case an assault on the fence by a group of immigrants begins, and how Those orders are communicated to the military.

"Do the military have the protocol for action in the face of a massive jump across the border?" Asks López, who asks the government to rule on "what riot control means" would be used in case an attempt is made to cross the fence by force. Finally, Vox wants to know if the military has been provided with the means of work, such as walkies, to be able to effect effective communication with the Civil Guard.

Apart from the collaboration for border control, López has also registered another battery of questions to learn how coordination is being carried out between the Security Forces and Bodies and the Army, since, after the launch of Operation Balmis by the Armed Forces, there is talk of the possibility of mixed patrols.

"Have the professionals of both bodies been informed of the protocol to follow to carry out this coordination?" Asks the Vox national deputy, who also asks if meetings are being held between the different managers, including the local police and Municipal, which have also come to depend on the orders of the Government in the current State of Alarm. Lastly, Vox wants the Government to rule on whether it considers that the coordination existing so far is "sufficient" or whether, on the contrary, "it thinks that it must be optimized".

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