CsD October 13

Luciano Ferrer, Councilor and Speaker of the Municipal Group VOX Castellón de la Plana, has asked in the commissions held today about specific issues that concern the neighbors and that they have sent to the GM.

In the events held in the Ermita de la Magdalena on the occasion of the Community festival, in which some citizens believed they saw a lack of security, all the preventive measures recommended by the health authorities were observed. The actors only stopped using the mask in the theatrical representation, something that is included in the regulations.

Ferrer He has also transferred to the Municipal Government his interest in knowing the situation of the Santa Clara Parking where neighbors and merchants complain about the impossibility of contracting parking tickets until the legal situation of the parking is definitively normalized.

By last, VOX He has asked about the repeated disturbances of public order, denounced over and over again by the neighbors, starring "Cosa Nostra" in Plaza Isabel la Católica. They complain about the occupation of public space, noise until late at night and the use of the public address system.

Luciano Ferrer has requested the number of files and complaints made and the status of processing in which they are

The issue has been dragging on for years and it seems that no one is capable of "putting a stop to such excesses"

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