If the Ceuta health care is overloaded due to Covid-19 and the lack of professionals, the 061 service is one of the most affected and even the Medical Union has said that it is "on the edge." For this reason, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has addressed the Government of Sánchez to ask about it since the competences in Health are held by the ministry.

The Ceuta parliamentarian asks to know if the number of mobile units that the 061 service currently has will be strengthened through Ingesa. In addition, she asks the Executive if it is among its plans to reinforce the number of doctors from 061 in Ceuta. And, as the Medical Union has denounced "it is not logical or admissible" that the service has only two mobile units to attend all emergencies and out-of-hospital emergencies. In addition, according to this same union, at the beginning of November 061 came to stay with only two operating medical personnel on the staff, since the rest were on leave, mainly due to coronavirus infections.

López has also been interested in the request of the Medical Union to recover the pediatric area of ​​the University Hospital, which was eliminated to create new spaces where they can separate patients with Covid-19. The VOX national deputy recalls that in August the director of Ingesa was even offered alternatives for the foreseeable rise in cases in the fall.

However, he regrets, far from appreciating the help, Ingesa's Management has not taken action, claiming that the blame for these problems are the responsibility of the previous managers. Therefore, López asks the Executive of Sánchez if he is going to listen to the claims of the aforementioned union to recover the pediatric area. In addition, the Ceutí parliamentarian questions the Government for the lack of FFP2 masks.

López asks the Executive if it is going to address the claims of the Ceuta Nursing Union and make FFP2-type self-filtering masks or masks provided with a P2 particle filter available to all health workers. And, the deputy points out, the union has demanded that the Minister of Health take all the necessary steps so that all health workers can always use more protective masks.

Meanwhile, the situation at the University Hospital is complicated and the lack of staff, which VOX has been denouncing for months, becomes evident when contagions occur among the staff that further reduce the scarce workforce. The last case, in the ER, where professionals are already saturated and have now seen how the contagion of two colleagues, and the loss of six of them due to close contact, increases their workload.

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