Vox is aware, he claims Luciano Ferrer, that it is not the Mayor's responsibility to put into practice the National Health Emergency Plan, but “I beg our first mayor to use all his influence so that the massive tests that are announced so much and that never come really arrive

Ferrer explains his request: "The possibility that the people of Castellón will gradually join their jobs makes mass tests now more than ever necessary before the return of the workers means a new expansion of the virus.

The councilor and spokesman for Vox in our town hall adds: "The tests are now more necessary than ever, above all for health personnel who rejoin after their supposed cure and in those crowded work centers or where they attend to the public ”

By last, Luciano Ferrer, asks the mayor to be concerned that all health personnel, Security Forces and Bodies, the Armed Forces and all essential service workers who work in Castellón have personal protective equipment (PPE)

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