• The municipal spokesperson for VOX, Cristina Peláez, considers “extremely serious that high-risk employees are being incorporated, who have not even been asked about their health status, if they have had contact with those infected by coronaviruses and who have not tests have been performed
  • Remember that "the regulations in force contemplate that risk employees will not be incorporated into their positions while we continue in Phase 1 of the Alarm State"

Seville, May 21, 2020. The Municipal Group VOX in the Seville City Council has announced this Thursday that it will present a question to the Municipal Government of the city to explain the Reasons why the Lipasam Public Cleaning Company is calling employees with chronic pathologies to join the work and, therefore, putting the health of their workers at risk without evaluating each specific case.

The VOX municipal spokesperson, Cristina Peláez, has echoed a complaint filed before the Provincial Labor Inspection by the union representation of Lipasam workers, in which they alert about the mandatory measure announced by the management of the public company.

In this regard, Peláez has stated that "the municipal delegate responsible for Lipasam must give explanations about this procedure and the details that justify said order, which We consider it extremely serious because, if it were true, they would be putting the health of their own employees and of Sevillians in general at serious risk., since they would be incorporating into their tasks employees considered risky to which They have not even been asked about their health, nor have they been tested for Covid-19 or if they have had contact with infected people, acting without respecting the minimum precautionary principle that is required in these cases. ”

"We must remind the PSOE that Lipasam workers have worked very hard since the start of the pandemic, so much so that the Military Emergency Unit has not had to disinfect streets or buildings in Seville as in many other Spanish cities because this work has been carried out by the workers of the municipal cleaning company, who are now forced to work with all risk personnel, according to the union complaint.

Cristina Peláez has regretted that the mayor of Seville "has not yet publicly congratulated the good work of public cleaning workers and we deeply regret that, as of today, being in Phase 1, Lipasam is calling to join the work at employees in vulnerable situations and at risk from Covid-19 ”.

"It is still disturbing that, while this is happening, the figure of Lipasam's manager, Virginia Pividal, appears repeatedly in the Sevillian press, as an example of good work, which makes us suspect that the generous advertising contracts of the public company with certain The media have something to do with these undeserved acknowledgments to Mrs. Pividal whose diligence at work is inversely proportional to her promotion in the media."

"The cleaning problems of the city, which has them, and very serious, is direct responsibility of the mayor of Seville, Juan Espadas, at the time president of Lipasam, who has not reinforced the workforce, nor has he had any intention of improving it, as evidenced by the objective facts denounced on multiple occasions by the workers' representatives. ”

The spokesperson for the Municipal Group VOX has asserted that "like all municipal companies, the resolution of the Seville City Council for protection against COVID-19, dated 12/4/2020, is applied to point 2, where It defines them as essential services and it is already specified in said document that workers will not carry out their work due to different risk factors. In a second resolution dated 10/5/2020, at point 10 where vulnerable groups are reflected, in its second paragraph specifies that said risk group will not be incorporated until phase 1 of the alarm state is completed", it is finished.

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