More than a hundred teachers and temporary professors who work with substitutions have not received their payroll since the beginning of the course. According to the Provincial Directorate of Education, everything is due to a computer problem that, in more than three months, has not had a solution although now they assure that by the end of the month the arrears will be paid. And, although it is yet to be seen if the affected interns finally collect their salary, the national deputy of VOX for Ceuta, Teresa López, has addressed the Sánchez Government directly to explain if the workers have not been trained to use the new computer system that replaces the old payroll processing.

"Have the personnel been commissioned to use the new computer system the necessary training for its implementation? ”, Asks López. Also, ask what the training has been and how many hours it has consisted of, if it has been done. And it is that, as he recalls, the unions themselves have denounced that the implanted system has generated a bottleneck because the work that is done in the Provincial Directorate has to be processed, in turn, in the central services for a time that prevents local officials keep moving forward.

On the other hand, the national deputy of VOX asks the Executive to say if it is going to provide a solution to the implementation of the new payroll system since it has left many teachers and professors who work as interns with replacements and without vacancies without charging their payroll. Problems that, although they announce from the Provincial Directorate, can be solved for the majority in two weeks, will still persist for some of them. For this reason, for VOX it is intolerable that there are people who have been working for the administration for months without having resolved a technical issue such as the collection of their legitimate payroll.

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