The first to be held was the Permanent Study Commission on People and Sustainable Economic Development. VOX has requested information on whether after the tourism sector table held recently, concrete measures will be adopted to help tourism and hospitality entrepreneurs or will remain in good words and intentions, as is often the case, abandoning a sector that generates a lot of wealth to its fate and employment in our city

In the Commission for the Study of Sustainability and Spatial Planning, Luciano Ferrer He has questioned the Government team about the unfortunate situation in which the Barranco del Sol is and whether any action is planned given the announced cold drop and heavy rains that could cause flooding.

In the same commission, the councilor of the GM VOX, has denounced that in some of the garden areas of the city rats live happily, such as, for example, the area of ​​Bulevar Blasco Ibáñez where you can observe, at night, how they climb the palm trees and are seen in the center of the city. walk. And he has asked if the deratization campaign can be increased and more action taken on those points.

To these questions, the government team represented in the commissions replied with “very helpful” answers such as “it is already being done” or “we will reinforce actions” …

Finally, in the Permanent Study Commission of Interior Government, Luciano Ferrer has asked the Municipal Government for an assessment of the Appeal for Reinstatement presented by the CSIF against the call for an agricultural engineer position announced by the council of Fernando Navarro, as well as the lack of response to 62 writings, sent to the City Council by the same union, being obliged to go to the Sindic de Greuges.

To these two requests, transferred to the Home Affairs Committee, the corresponding councils have announced their intention to answer in writing.

Luciano Ferrer: “We already asked, last week, to start working. It's time to get going and start tying up many of the loose ends that are inexplicably left behind."

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