Following the "unacceptable statements" of the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Commerce, VOX He hopes that the statement will go ahead to "avoid the slightest interpretation by anyone" that the Castellón City Council doubts or stands in profile in defense of the symbol of unity of all Spaniards and Head of State.

The GM VOX understands that there is an urgent need for all levels of the State, including the town councils, to clearly and emphatically reinforce their loyalty to the highest authority of the Kingdom of Spain in the face of the attack perpetrated from the communist section of the Government from Spain.

This is not the time to compromise but to confront clearly those who seek to destroy our institutions, without equidistance between those who attack our country's institutions and those who defend them.

It is time to defend together the symbol that unites all Spaniards regardless of their condition or place of origin, sending a strong message of support to the figure of HM El Rey and what he represents.

The GM VOX requests in the Institutional Declaration that: “The Plenary of the Castellón de la Plana City Council reiterates its loyalty to the King as a symbol of unity and permanence, as arbitrator and moderator of the regular operation of the institutions, assuming the highest representation of Spain in international relations, especially with the nations of its historical community, and exercising the functions expressly attributed to it by the Constitution and the laws. "

Luciano Ferrer, Councilor and GM Spokesperson VOX Castellón de la Plana: “The King is not forgiven for the speech of October 3, 2017, because that speech marks a before and after in the history of the coup d'état perpetrated by separatist organizations in Catalonia. They attack the head of state, it is a direct attack on the unity of the nation with the collaboration of the separatist organizations."

The Motion, also presented today, is intended for the City Council to urge the competent bodies to take a set of urgent measures of "support for small businesses that make our city great", as well as:

  • Urgent modification of the ZAS
  • Digitization of SMEs in commerce and hospitality
  • Apply tax benefits to the small merchant, with exemptions in fees and / or taxes
  • Establishment of a line of subsidies aimed at Commerce and Hospitality
  • Opening of the Merchant Service Office
  • Quality training of the merchant with the creation of a Municipal School of Commerce
  • Commercial dynamization so that small businesses can successfully compete with the commercial offer of large stores
  • Review of Municipal Ordinances that affect commercial activity

In the same Motion the GM VOX request recognition actions by the Castellón de la Plana City Council to Castellón hoteliers and merchants such as:

– Meeting of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor of each district and the Spokespersons of the Political Groups with all the Trade and Hospitality Associations of Castellón

– Periodic advertising campaigns on elements of urban furniture and public lighting.

– Lighting of more streets in the Christmas campaign taking it to the commercial areas of the neighborhoods.

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