The VOX Parliamentary Group brings to debate in the plenary session of Parliament next Monday, November 9, a Proposal No of Law that guarantees the payment of the daycare check for families, suspended this year 2020 and aimed at defraying the expenses disbursed by families between on January 1 and December 31, 2019 for the care of minors.

The VOX deputy, Armando Blanco, explained that it is about aid aimed at reconciling work, family and personal life of working or unemployed women with dependent children or disabled people under their guardianship, which were implemented in in 2016 through the Cantabrian Employment Service and that in 2020 they have not been summoned.

For White, "It is surprising to us that the administration tells us that this year they will not be called and that they do not know if these subsidies will return in 2021." As indicated, the check – nursery is 50% co-financed by the European Social Fund and there was also an item of more than 1.2 million euros for these grants. “Why does the government leave women in the lurch and not publish the call? Asks the deputy. "For Vox, the family is the pillar of our society and does not deserve that the Government abandon them at a time as critical as the one we live in."

In 2019, a total of 1,323 mothers received the nursery check to cover the cost of taking care of their children during the previous year, aid that globally amounted to 810,701 euros. "What have they done with that money allocated for 2020 and directed to working women?" -Add- “What have they spent it on? ".

From VOX they assure that the current government keeps families in oblivion by suppressing fundamental aid aimed at promoting equal opportunities between men and women, improving access to employment for women and reconciling life, work, family and personal. For White "This Government has erased them as a strategic objective, without notice or explanation whatsoever", ceasing to receive in some cases more than 1,400 euros per year.

Currently there are only three municipalities in Cantabria that provide aid to families for the care of children, so "It is vital to recover this subsidy at the regional level."

In addition, he recalled the latest studies by the National Institute of Statistics that indicate that in 2022 Spain will have 2.5% less population and in 2052 the group of people over 65 will account for 37% of the total population. "There is no generational change and we are in a demographic winter that urgently leads us to protect the family ”, Blanco stressed.

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