The municipal VOX Group in the Granada City Council has criticized the cynicism and frivolity of the PSOE municipal spokesman, Francisco Cuenca, when requesting rebates on taxes and fees paid by hotels, businesses, restaurants or culture when not have demanded in the negotiation of the 2020 budget with their partners from PP and Ciudadanos.

The municipal spokesman for VOX, Onofre Miralles, has reproached the socialist party that “last July it approved a budget with the government team without taking into account the real needs of the people of Granada, since they ignored the economic repercussions in the municipal accounts and social as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the absolutely dramatic situation experienced by the city's residents ”.

"We ask the PSOE to lead by example and renounce the 132,000 euros per year of its allocation per municipal group -1,100 euros per councilor-, as well as that the PP renounce its 92,000 euros per year for this same concept. This would be a direct saving for the benefit of the pocket of the people of Granada, and we consider it a good starting point to start working on the 2021 budgets and thus we could materialize the bonuses that the perpetrators of the elbow pact show ", has underlined Onofre Miralles.

It was VOX who, in the month of March, registered a Contingency Plan to reduce the tax burdens of families in confinement or isolation and compensate for the losses arising from the increase in unemployment or stoppage of business activity, as well as a Reduction Plan of Unnecessary Spending.

Another proof of the “cynicism” with which the socialists act is that in May, the PSOE, PP, Ciudadanos and Podemos voted against the VOX motion to suspend subsidies that were not directly aimed at helping those affected by the Coronavirus or job creation, transferring budget items to the purposes of fighting the coronavirus and its economic consequences.

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