Seville, December 13, 2020. The Vox Parliamentary Group has addressed a question to the Congress Bureau related to an “exceptional grant” to the Seville City Council for the work being carried out in the common grave of Pico Reja, in the San Fernando cemetery, where the remains of 1,103 people would rest.

In this sense, in the Congress bulletin, a question from Vox has been registered in which a written response is requested about said subsidy “when given the local component, it could benefit from funds from the same program, which contemplates a direct concession to the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) for activities related to Historical Memory ».

The parliamentary group also highlights in its request the personnel costs contained in the 925M program, "where the figure of 244,400 euros in temporary personnel is striking." As stated in the personnel annex of the General State Budget project (PGE) "five positions are contemplated."

VOX criticizes, in turn, that the budget allocated to the matter of historical and democratic memory has been "quintupled" with respect to 2012 (2.5 million euros), "last year in which taxpayers' money was used for these purposes. Likewise, the parliamentary group has stressed that in the section ‘Actions for the knowledge of the truth, the dissemination and training on Historical Memory’, “it does not even superficially describe those actions”.

The Executive announced last July, through its vice president Carmen Calvo, that it would collaborate with the exhumation work with "a little more than a quarter of a million euros" to help "to discover with DNA identification what is a terrible mass grave of disappeared, who were shot, persecuted and paid with their lives for a free, constitutional and democratic Spain ».

The Pico Reja project has a budget of 1.1 million euros and an execution period of three years, according to information from the City Council, and is developed on an area of ​​672 square meters located in the Sevillian cemetery.

Until the middle of the year, the remains of 950 people had been located, of which about 167 there were supposed indications of violence such as perimortem ruptures.

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