Murcia, April 2, 2020.- The Deputy Spokesperson of the GP VOX, Macarena Olona, ​​and the Deputies of the GP VOX, Luis Gestoso, Francisco José Alcaraz, Ignacio Gil and Javier Ortega Smith, They have formulated a Proposition No of Law regarding measures to guarantee attention to Spaniards during states of alarm for discussion in plenary, a decision supported by the party in the Region through its president, José Ángel Antelo.

We are assisting during this crisis that the medical, police and emergency services are overwhelmed by the health situation caused by the virus COVID-19 for the lack of foresight of the Government.

While demanding health and medical professionals, auxiliary health services, emergencies, firefighters and police, we see little response to joining the active service of the union freed for these services and those classified as essential by the government in the decrees that regulate this state of alarm (for example, in the Community of Madrid, to date, only 133 of the 444 released health unions have joined their jobs to face the epidemic).

For this reason, the Congress of Deputies urges the Government to carry out and promote all the necessary actions, so that the following measures, among others, are carried out:

1. That all the union freed both in health, safety and emergencies, and in the so-called "essential services" regulated in this state of alarm, be obliged by the necessary legal provisions to join immediately.

2. Make the necessary legal reforms so that in future declarations of the state of alarm, without prejudice to other reforms of this union activity that this group reserves to propose, it is a legal imperative that described in the previous point.

From VOX we express the urgency that in this crisis that oligarchy is forced to work like the rest of its selfless and heroic companions.

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