The VOX senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has asked the Government in the Senate when he will pay the compensation for the catastrophes that the Region has suffered in recent months, on what date they will be paid and how much will be paid.

The senator reminded the Executive that the Insurance Compensation Consortium has initiated the payment of compensation, while the Government has not paid the amounts that correspond to it and that were published in the Official State Gazette.

Precisely as a result of the rains and the DANAS that have occurred in the Region of Murcia in recent months, together with the situation in which the Mar Menor is, made the regional government requested the EIB 320 million, of which 200 million were to defray its share in the "Zero Discharges Plan to the Mar Menor", and the other 120 million of the loan had to be used to generate a global investment of 193 million with which to repair the damages caused by DANA.

Currently, the central government has paralyzed the granting of the EIB loan. In addition, the Executive of Spain has retained 103 m of euros (85 million of the autonomous part of the VAT of 2017 and 18 million of the deliveries on account) that served to reduce the deficit.

This is a situation, denounces the senator, of "financial strangulation" with which the central government submits to the Region of Murcia and that causes, among other things, the serious deterioration of the "Laguna del Mar Menor", which is, Marín recalls "a unique ecosystem in Europe".

Therefore, Senator Marín has proposed to the Government:

Does the Government plan to correct the situation of financial suffocation in the region of Murcia ?; Does the Government plan to authorize the EIB to pay the requested loan ?;

Does the Government plan to return the VAT for 2017 ?; Does the Government plan to return the deliveries on account?

Precisely, in the last Plenary of the Senate, Senator Jacobo González-Robatto reproached the central government for its passivity when requesting aid from the European Investment Bank. "The lack of competence and diligence of the Government" has lost the opportunity to receive funds from the EIB for which Italy has received more than 300 million for catastrophes.

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