The senator of VOX for Andalusia, Jacobo González-Robatto, has asked the Executive to the Senate why the Ministry of Health does not publish the contracts with the companies that supply the sanitary material.

The senator registered this question after the Contracting Advisory Board, under the Ministry of Finance, issued a report in which he assured that these data should be made public.

Similarly, González-Robatto asked about the amount of the rapid tests that the Government bought from the Chinese company Bioeasy, and that they were not effective after being verified by different laboratories. Therefore, it was announced that they would be returned. Afterwards it was known that the second game of the new rapid tests received was not reliable either. For this reason, apparently, the Government has decided to request the refund of the money paid for the tests.

Therefore, the senator has asked What is the purchase amount of the mentioned tests? AND When will the Ministry of Health receive a refund of the payment?

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