Algeciras, October 8, 2020. Antonio Gallardo reminds the government team and all the political groups that are part of the municipal plenary session that illegal immigration is a serious problem that plagues the city and that not taking measures in this regard would endanger the security of the people of Algeria.

The VOX spokesperson recalled that, in recent years, the Algeciras police station has had to suffer peaks of hundreds of immigrants in its premises, events that have been repeated for more than five years not only in Algeciras but throughout the Comarca del Campo de Gibraltar.

The VOX councilor urges Landaluce and all political groups to pull the newspaper library to verify that illegal immigration is a serious problem and that the solution is not to hide our heads before it, but to join efforts to combat it.

During the years 2018 and 2019, 5,404 illegal immigrants arrived in our province by illegal boats, most of them to Campo de Gibraltar, these data provided by the government of Spain thanks to a question asked by Mr. Landaluce in his activity as senator, they show that Algeciras has a serious problem with illegal immigration.

It is also noteworthy that our province during that period had more than 7,000 MENAS registered as active in the Registry of Unaccompanied Minors.

“With these figures, a special plan is urgently needed to allow our city to confront this scourge, and for this, something more is necessary than the incumbent policy that the government and the rest of the opposition in this city He has us used to it, ”Gallardo lamented.

“It is useless to applaud the creation of the new CIES in the press, if afterwards the government team rejects a motion to combat illegal immigration in the city, it is useless to ask in the Senate if later in the day to day as mayor Algeciras's security problems are not given importance and action is taken accordingly, ”the VOX spokesman denounced.

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