A month ago, the Government Delegation announced that it would open an investigation to find out what was behind the Moroccan women in labor who had gone to the University Hospital of Ceuta to give birth after the closure of the border was decreed by the State of Alarm decreed to stop the Covid-19 pandemic. A situation that once again brought into focus the existence of patera floors where pregnant women arrived from Morocco to give birth in the Ceuta hospital are housed and that Vox Ceuta has denounced on several occasions. However, and despite the fact that even the midwifery team has indicated that these were “specific” cases, nothing has yet been clarified in this regard and so that this issue is not forgotten, the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López has registered a question addressed to the Government.

"How is it possible that these Moroccan women in labor have access to Spanish healthcare in the current State of Alarm in which Spain is located", questions López. In addition, the deputy asks the Executive of Pedro Sánchez if he has indications that mafias are being generated that "advise these women to receive better healthcare and obtain Spanish nationality."

Finally, influencing the investigation that the Government Delegation announced that it would open, López asks the Executive “how will it act to prevent this situation from continuing to occur”. And, this week, a local media outlet collects statements from the midwives' collective acknowledging that a large part of their activity is with Moroccan women in labor. According to the data provided by this medium, "between 30% and 40% of all deliveries correspond to women from Morocco". Hence, Vox Ceuta insists on shedding light on this situation, sustained over time, and given all indications that it is fueling an illicit business.

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