The link between the political consulting society Neurona Comunidad SL, based in Mexico, and the Spanish party Podemos came to the fore a few months ago due to the financial irregularities that both relationships presented. The firm developed work for Pablo Iglesias' party during the 2019 general and regional elections. It was the “suspiciously inflated” contracts and invoices that led several former members and lawyers of the party itself to publicly denounce electoral fraud and commercial document falsification.

These events are added to a long list of fraudulent actions by the far-left party, among which are a 'box B' of Podemos, crimes of embezzlement of public funds, misappropriation, and the most recent, currently investigated by Judge Juan José Escalonilla, who has drawn attention to the European Institutions: possible embezzlement of European funds in relation to certain payments made by the European Parliament to the Neurona company.

Jorge Buxadé, head of the Spanish delegation in the European Parliament, has brought this matter to the EU Anti-Fraud Office through a written letter to its Director General. In it, the possible illegalities that Judge Escalonilla has detected in Podemos accounts are revealed "due to alleged misappropriations of European public funds through payments made to the consultancy Neurona Comunidad SL by the party for jobs never produced".

Along the same lines, the letter denounces that, according to the documentation presented by the GUE / NGL Group, the political formation to which Podemos belongs in the European Parliament, the MEP María Eugenia Rodríguez Palop “requested said payments to Neurona Comunidad SL for, theoretically , the production of audiovisual content on the trip of the MEP in question to Argentina in October 2019 ”.

For this reason, Buxadé formally asks the EU Anti-Fraud Office to formally investigate the review with "extreme detail of said payments" as well as each and every one of the "payments made or required by the Podemos party with charge of European funds" . The VOX MEP wanted to remember that "VOX will always denounce against any type of impunity, irregularities or signs of corruption that we can detect."


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