The residents of the Marjalería de Castellón require medical attention throughout the year and the extension of the summer time of their health center that would only open one hour a day, from Monday to Friday, if the schedule established last year is repeated by the plan of the Department of Health.

The neighbors describe as shame that there is no medical assistance in an area where thousands of Castellón people usually live and that during the summer it reaches up to 17,000 residents.

The neighbors themselves denounce that in summer, in many cases, people prefer to go directly to the Grao health center to have guarantees that they will be taken care of.

The concern increases if they have to be treated for an emergency because they do not have any doctors nearby, so they are forced to go to the General Hospital, whose emergency medical service is collapsed.

To the lack of service and assistance we must add the difficulty, even the impossibility, of some neighbors, especially elderly people, to travel to a medical center.

Luciano Ferrer He asked in the aforementioned Commission, held yesterday, about the efforts that are being made so that the residents of Marjalería have health care all year.

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