The VOX Parliamentary Group in the Cortesen Valencianas has submitted a PNL (Non-Law Proposition) in which it asks the Courts to urge the Consell for that the masks are financed while their use is mandatory.

NLP has been presented by Ana Vega, Spokesperson for the Parliamentary Group who explains its need: “From VOX we think that it is necessary that, since the use of the mask is mandatory, and this represents an expense for citizens at a time of serious economic crisis due to the mismanagement of the pandemic, all masks, hygienic and surgical must be funded,for the entire population over six years of age. And once the state of alarm has ended, it must continue to finance applicants with a medical prescription. "

Should be endowed in the presuput a game correspondient for such financing or in the case of that have already been approved, the modification of credits for this purpose, without increasing total budget spending.

The distribute of these masks could be done through town halls and pharmacies through presentation of the health card, establishnding the most suitable mechanism and safe that the consistories consider for its effective delivery to the neighbors.

On the initiative, VOX also proposes that the Cortes urgen to Consell to turn inste, forgive the redundancy, to the Government of Spain for the grant partial of hygienic masks or after the alarm state has ended and when its use is declared as recommended and not obligatoryorio. For this you should present a Proyect of Law for modification of the VAT Law Y declare exempt from this tax the apurchase of masks by individuals.

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