The spokesperson for the municipal VOX group in the Almería City Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, has registered a motion where they request that the City Council adopt a institutional statement condemnation of the government immigration policy from Spain.

In addition, VOX asks to urge the European authorities to adopt control measures on the southern border of Europe to put a stop to the massive arrival of irregular immigrants to our Spanish coasts and to the European common zone, as a Schengen border for the rest of the Union, thus causing a situation of citizen insecurity and public health uncertainty.

"We are not going to get tired, nor are we going to give up a single millimeter of our position, as far as immigration and foreigners policy is concerned"says Juan Francisco Rojas.

VOX considers it nonsense to classify as racist and xenophobic those measures or policies that require the regular arrival of immigrants, subject to an employment contract or employment relationship, the control of our borders and the improvement of material and human resources in the fight against mafias organized dedicated to human trafficking.

"We will not make reference in this motion, neither to figures nor to concrete facts, so that they do not" look for "the formula of shielding themselves and because, in addition, we seriously doubt the official data ", clarifies Rojas.

Juan Francisco Rojas affirms that “The immigration policy of the Central Government, which is deceiving immigrants producing a call effect under luxury temporary foster care and then releasing them at their own risk and expense, it fails to comply with European regulations regarding entry and exit from its borders and generates public and health insecurity ”.

From this political formation they consider that Spain is facing serious circumstances and exceptional, which have recently been transferred to this and other Administrations, for which they ask that urgent measures.

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