The municipal group VOX in the Almería City Council has registered a motion to request the improvement of the means and a greater commitment to the control of irregular immigration.

They ask for an increase in the workforce of both National Police and the Civil Guard so that the province of Almería improve its border security quotas, and not turn it into a “bridge” city, which facilitates the arrival of irregular immigrants, such as Southern Border and Schengen for the rest of Spain and Europe, thus causing a situation of citizen insecurity and public health uncertainty.

VOX assures that the Spanish coasts are witnessing the massive arrival of irregular immigrants, many of them thanks to the intervention of mafias dedicated to the illegal trafficking of human beings, which operate both in origin and in national territory.

The spokesman for the municipal group VOX in the Almería City Council, Juan Francisco Rojas, insists that “The problem that we experience first-hand in the province and in our municipal territory is very serious. We are a priority destination for irregular immigration ”.

In this last week of October they have reached our Spanish shores more than 2,000 irregular immigrants, and these mafias operate both on the African coast and in the national territory, affecting the coast of Almería first-hand.

For the VOX spokesperson, Juan Francisco Rojas, "These events are also aggravated, as a consequence of the notorious fact that, a part of the irregular immigrants are positive in PCR tests on the coronavirus, producing outbreaks of the epidemic and a serious risk to public health."

Without going any further, Rojas points out, on October 5 “we woke up with the news of a great regrowth in the Almería Red Cross reception center with 31 positives due to the lack of control and confinement in the cases ”.

VOX considers that this is not the time to skimp on means to solve the particular situation that Almería is suffering and demand urgent measures to fight against this social problem.

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