Gavira: "If the government of the Junta does not act with head and speed, the new extension of the perimeter closure and the few measures to support the self-employed will bankrupt many small businesses and destroy many jobs"

Cádiz, November 23, 2020. Manuel Gavira has warned of the terrible consequences that the expansion of the control measures for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic in Andalusia may have if the Board does not reconsider its position and admit the serious errors they are committing in terms of control of schedules and mobility in the Andalusian provinces.

The VOX deputy has regretted that the Moreno Bonilla executive has not taken into account situations such as those found in the polygons of Three ways in Puerto Real or Palmones in Los Barrios that are outside the urban nucleus and depend for their sales on the visits of customers from neighboring towns who, due to the perimeter closure, cannot now go to do their shopping.

These circumstances are endangering the 1,400 jobs generated by the Tres Caminos industrial estate, where due to its proximity to the urban center of San Fernando, most of the clients are from the island city, faced with this situation and alerted by the board of directors of the Community of Owners of the aforementioned polygon, Manuel Gavira has held a meeting with those affected, who have transferred the VOX deputy that if they have to endure another fifteen days with their empty businesses they will have to start firing workers for not being able to maintain their business.

In another vein, the VOX deputy has insisted on the need to review the opening of shops and hospitality establishments and allow, as has been done with the toy sector, to open for trade at least until eight in the afternoon, precisely because with a wider opening arc the dreaded crowds of purchases on these dates can be avoided and thus prevent the spread of the virus.

“It does not make sense to allow toy stores to open until eight o'clock and yet a jewelry store or a perfumery or a clothing store cannot do so, since these establishments are also the ones that increase their sales the most in the Christmas campaign and depend on it. campaign to live part of the year. Given this situation, the logical thing would be to allow the opening of the hospitality and commerce sector until eight in the afternoon, without exceptions ”, the VOX deputy has denounced.

To conclude, Gavira wanted to remind the Junta de Andalucía that at this time when the new budgets are being prepared there is still room for maneuver to correct situations such as the ones we are experiencing through amendments and thus avoid a debacle in the employment and save many freelancers from bankruptcy.

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