The VOX deputy spokesperson in Andalusia, Rodrigo Alonso, has expressed its concern about the policies on illegal immigration that are being carried out by the Social Communist Government and by the lack of forcefulness on the part of the Government of the Board.

The Almeria parliamentarian has denounced the abandonment that the State Security Forces and Bodies are suffering, "Since they lack sufficient means in the face of the wave of illegal immigrants that are arriving and that are seriously endangering the health of national police and civil guards."

Likewise, Rodrigo Alonso has warned that in recent days, more than 500 illegal immigrants have arrived on the Andalusian coasts, "Many of them infected by Covid-19".

The deputy spokesman has mentioned the examples of alarming cases occurred in Níjar (Almería) and Granada. In the first, four civil guards were infected by attending to the reception of boats full of illegal immigrants, one of them being admitted to the hospital. In the second case, 7 illegal immigrants, one of them positive in Covid-19 and the other six possible positives, escaped by force, putting the health of all Spaniards at serious risk. "We cannot attend to policies for the Spaniards in which we have been confined for three months and allow free, infected illegal immigrants to move around our land."

In the same vein, Alonso has criticized that the CIE remain closed before the massive
arrival of illegal immigrants, forcing the National Police and Civil Guard to "Have to kick them out" because they have no place to guard them. "We are facing clear evidence of the danger that is being experienced due to the possibility of outbreaks that come as a result of this illegal immigration. "

Finally, Rodrigo Alonso has urged the Government of the Board "To demand measures
concrete and forceful to the Government of Spain" "We already proposed it, talk to the Government of Spain and make it the Navy the one that guards our coasts and avoids the arrival of boats ”.

"From VOX we will not be silent in the face of this invasion favored by the globalist policies of the Pedro Sánchez Government", it is finished.

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