The deputy of the Parliamentary Group VOX Valencian Community, David garcia, has defended today in plenary session an amendment to the Proposition No of Law (NLP) of Podemos (to affirm the anti-fascist values) and has urged the Consell to condemn also Nazism and Communism attending to the European Parliament resolution.

Deputy David García has demanded modify the Democratic Memory Law of the Valencian Community and has urged the Consell to also ask the Government to modify the Historical Memory Law to expand it and adapt it to the European resolution that marks Nazism and Communism as forms of totalitarianism.

"That a declared communist party, such as Podemos, speaks of human rights and democracy is an insult to more than 120 million deaths that this ideology carries behind its back. VOX condemns all totalitarianisms and has been the first party in this chamber to call for compliance with the European Parliament resolution on the importance of European historical memory for the future of Europe and where it was made clear that communism is the same as nazism”.

Garcia has insisted that VOX condemns fascism, communism, Nazism and all totalitarianisms. "Do you know what Hitler's Nazism, Mussolini's fascism and Lenin's communism have in common? What they all drank from socialism and they fed on the suffering and despair of the working classes. They are ideological brothers”.

The deputy from Alicante has accused Podemos of being "the new fascists”, who demand that their mantras be accepted without discussion and whoever questions them is persecuted and singled out. "Spaniards are waking up and they are already fed up with their children being indoctrinated, with their smear campaigns against our past heroes, with trying to change history to erase their criminal and bloody past; and that they try to destroy our values, the authentic values ​​on which Europe was founded and which were not their anti-fascist values, nor what you want to sell here today”.

García has clarified that “Europe was founded on anti-totalitarian values ​​and there was not a single country in the founding of Europe that was communist. Everyone, including West Germany and Italy, rejected the totalitarian ideologies that had sparked World War II. For this reason, Spain was able to enter the European Union, because it achieved a full democracy in 1978, that democracy that you now want to load”.

The VOX parliamentarian has reproached Podemos that his ideology “It only brought hunger, death, repression and war”And recalled that Vox defends "freedom, equality, human rights, life, private property, our flag and the unity of Spain”.

Finally, he stated: “You don't want the Spanish; That's why they want you poor and submissive, so that you can live in palaces, while they starve. They want to be like the Marquis of Galapagar or, if they prefer, the son of the FRAP terrorist. You want to chain the Spaniards with the strongest chain there is: hunger”.

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