The Parliamentary Group Vox Valencian Community has registered a Proposal No of Law (PNL) in which it requests the Consell protection measures for farm workers against outbreaks of Covid-19 during their movements in the collection campaigns.
According to the latest research, cases of infections by the SARS-CoV-2 virus are due to arrival
of day laborers, either from other countries and who have joined the summer campaigns in
Spain, well Spaniards who, after finishing the campaign in other countries, have returned to Spain. But in one
or other case "These outbreaks of the virus in the agri-food sector show that the
control mechanisms have failed, since there is no adequate surveillance system on the
mobility among field workers who come from areas where there is transmission
community", it states Jose Luis Aguirre, agriculture spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group.

The spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group, Ana Vega, adds that “in part, the second outbreak of
coronavirus occurred as a result of the entry of workers from the primary sector to
our country. For this reason, we ask that the temporary workers be tested for antigens and given
of protective equipment to safeguard your health, as has been done in other
Autonomous communities", That is," personal protective equipment and any other means of
sanitary protection and hygiene that allow you to continue with your work without putting your health at risk
during this health crisis”.
This fact, in addition to being a problem for public health, also causes an economic risk for
the agricultural sector, which shows that “the Department of Agriculture has not acted
correctly and therefore the sanitary security of the agricultural sector was not entirely guaranteed
with the measures that the Government claimed to comply”, Declares the Vox trustee.

On the other hand, Aguirre has highlighted that, in the Valencian Community, the different associations
agrarian companies are already claiming to the Generalitat "an ‘effective’ action protocol, agreed with
agricultural organizations, to face in the best conditions the hiring of seasonal workers in the next harvesting campaigns”. Likewise, it asks the Consell to urge in turn
the Government of the Nation to "establish border sanitary control mechanisms against the SARSCoV-2 virus for workers who join collection campaigns in Spain."

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