The Senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has addressed the Government to ask her why she does not provide the appropriate material for FPP3 and EPI masks, in the necessary quantities, so that health professionals carry out an effective work, which guarantees the performance of their activity safely.

In her explanatory statement, the senator refers to the complaint from the Professional Medical Union of Ceuta about the lack of materials and resources to safely attend to patients, especially those who may be carriers of the COVID-19 virus.

A lack they suffer in the emergency services, emergency primary care (S.U.A.P) and in the teams of Primary Care of Ceuta. In addition, the senator denounces that this absence of protective material leads the toilets to reuse on several occasions those materials that are for single use.

Merelo argues in his writing that the Spanish Constitution, in its article 40.2, establishes the public powers to ensure safety and hygiene at work. In addition, it also refers to article 316 of the current penal code, which punishes those who, in violation of the rules for the prevention of occupational risks, and being legally obliged, do not provide the necessary means for workers to carry out their activity with the measures of adequate safety and hygiene, so that they seriously endanger your life, health or physical integrity.

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