The senator of VOX for the Region of Murcia, José María Marín, asked the Executive in the Upper House why he did not provide means of protection for workers in nursing homes, since "the elderly, people with disabilities or other users Residences and other socio-sanitary centers are in a vulnerable situation before the COVID-19 infection for various reasons, such as, among others, that they usually have advanced age; basic pathology or comorbidities, and their close contact with other people, such as their caregivers and other cohabitants ”, as indicated in Order SND / 265/2020, of March 19.

The senator, in his writing, recalls the paradox of this Order, which also indicates that, if the personnel have had close contact with a possible or confirmed case of Coronavirus and do not present symptoms, they will continue to carry out their normal activity, as well as the surveillance of symptoms. However, from Health it was also explained that it was necessary to advance in organizational and coordination measures, in nursing homes, aimed at reducing the risk of contagion, as well as treating people suffering from this disease in the most appropriate way. .

Therefore, the senator has also asked: Why did the government not carry out the necessary tests on these personnel to find out if they were really infected before forcing them to continue their work?

Absence of autopsies

On the other hand, Senator Marín has also recorded some questions related to the absence of autopsies that confirmed death as a consequence of the Coronavirus. In his brief, Marín denounces that the Government has limited throughout the State of Alarm the development of autopsy confirming the cause of death, consequently reducing the number of official deaths from Coronavirus, as reflected in the statistical requirements imposed during the Alarm State.

An impediment, explains the senator, that they will extend beyond the lifting of the State of Alarm for forensic medical examinations. In this way, regrets Marín “it will be difficult to verify how many fatalities listed as produced by other causes can increase the number of deaths from Coronavirus. In other words, "countless deaths from Coronavius ​​are moving to the statistical category of 'not confirmed', which is thinning the official data offered by the Pedro Sánchez Government as a balance of its management."

Therefore, the senator has asked:

Why has the government failed to take the necessary steps to perform autopsies to obtain as much information as possible about the coronavirus?

Why does the government want to hide the real number of deaths from coronavirus?

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