• They assert that the Government must invest andn research to find an effective treatment to alleviate the effects and symptoms of viral meningoencephalitis, a disease caused by the bite of the Nile mosquito

Seville, August 27, 2020. The national deputies of VOX for Seville, Reyes Romero and Francisco José Contreras, have registered a battery of questions to be answered in writing by the Government, in relation to the Executive plans for the eradication of the Nile virus spreading mosquito, which is affecting 12 municipalities in the province of Seville.

In this regard, Deputy Reyes Romero, explained that "in the municipalities of Coria del Río and La Puebla, along with the Guadalquivir marshes, they have been detected 35 cases of meningoencephalitis, and everything seems to indicate that they come from the mosquito bite Aedes japonicus, a species that has been detected in the area and that transmits the West Nile virus ”.

Romero has asserted that “to date, We do not know if the government of the Nation has a plan to eradicate this mosquito, even if it is aware of its presence in other places or if a study is being carried out to locate the mosquito that transmits the virus.

“The situation is beginning to be worrying, due to the number of people affected and its expansion throughout the province of Seville, even reaching the capital. We are facing a public health problem that requires concrete plans that should already be developing but, as is customary in this government, the information is conspicuous by its absence, generating the logical concern especially in the most affected municipalities. For this reason, we demand that we also be informed about the prevention measures that will be adopted to prevent it from spreading, such as fumigation by some private entities, and how exposure to the Nile Virus among people who work outdoors will be avoided.

The national deputy for Seville stressed that “the Older people and those with weak immune systems are at higher risk. There are no specific vaccines or treatments for the disease in humans. The best way to avoid it is to prevent mosquito bites and that is where efforts should be focused ”.

Reyes Romero has asserted that “the Government must invest andn research In order to achieve an effective treatment to alleviate the effects and symptoms of viral meningoencephalitis, a disease caused by the bite of the Nile mosquito, we know that there are vaccines against the equine affection, but there are not yet for people. We know that it is very effective in horses, so the Government should inform us of the status of the vaccination program in Spain ”, he concluded.

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