The parliamentary group Vox has registered a Proposition No of Law to urge the Government of Cantabria to guarantee the supply of free masks to the entire population over six years of age as long as their use is mandatory and as well as to all those people who, once the state of alarm, they need it by medical prescription.

In the current state of alarm, many families are going through a difficult economic situation, in some cases "dramatic", with serious difficulties in buying basic and basic food. In this sense, the deputy of Vox, Armando Blanco has recalled how “Across the country we are seeing again the hunger lines that were repeated at points throughout the country during the first wave”. “We are immersed in a growing economic emergency, -has pointed- "and from VOX we cannot allow a mother to find herself in the position of having to choose between buying a mask or buying milk, nor can our grandparents stop heating their home because they have to buy masks ”.

In this sense, VOX proposes to the government a sufficient item in the budgets for 2021 to guarantee that the entire population over 6 years of age will have the necessary masks for their protection and prevention against the virus, thus complying with order SND / 422/2020, of 19 May, which regulates the conditions for the mandatory use of a mask. In its proposal, Vox establishes that the distribution of the masks is carried out through the municipalities.

For Blanco, it is not acceptable that in the current situation of health and economic crisis, "With the Sánchez government that has not allowed the collection of ERTES and with a more than questionable criterion of who does and who does not receive the minimum vital income, it is time to recruit all the means at our disposal."

The proposal registered in the regional chamber includes partial financing by the government of the nation when, once the state of alarm has ended, its use is declared recommended and not mandatory. Finally, VOX requests to urge the government to present a Bill that exempts the purchase of masks by individuals from VAT.

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