The VOX parliamentary group has registered several questions in Congress to find out if the Government is going to adopt Economic support measures for practicing lawyers and attorneys and their professional associations in Almería.

VOX is aware that the collateral damage of the coronavirus they are suffering all sectors of society as a whole, although for the moment and through the decrees launched by the Government, various measures of They will be able to reach some groups to help them face these moments of paralysis. However, this does not happen the same in all sectors and only the essential services of the Administration of Justice have been maintained.

This situation undoubtedly reveals a inequality for those self-employed workers covered by the social welfare mutual insurance system They have also seen their economic capacity diminished in the same way that workers covered by the Special Social Security Regime have seen. A fact that has certainly not been foreseen by the Government and which also deserves protection and attention due to its importance in our society.

In this situation, the lawyers and attorneys of Almería denounce that the union has to continue paying these obligatory expenses for the exercise of their profession, finding their activity limited, not being able to practice their profession under normal conditions and without receiving any type of help as its role is outside the scope of aid that the government is providing, says VOX.

In this situation, the following questions are asked:

  1. Is the Government going to articulate economic support measures for Lawyers and Attorneys and / or for the professional associations of the province of Almería?
  2. Does the Government intend to adopt any solution for Collegiate Lawyers and Attorneys in the province of Almería subject to alternative regimes that support the payment of mutual funds and college fees? Can you establish in any way mode exemption, suspension or postponement of payment?

The Government now has, in accordance with Article 190 of the Regulations of the Congress, a period of 20 days to respond, and this period may be extended at the request of the Executive for another 20 days.

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