Vox has asked the Pedro Sánchez government about the security measures in the Temporary Immigrant Stay Center (CETI), where several people live in the same room, to avoid contagion from coronaviurs and if there is an emergency plan in the in the event that a significant number of infected people are registered in the facilities. The national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, has registered a question in the Congress of Deputies about the situation in Ceuta and another about immigrants who on April 5 assaulted the fence of Melilla. With the latter, it is wanted to know if, among other issues, immigrants have been quarantined or where the National Executive intends to host them given the State of Alarm that has been decreed in Spain to stop the Covid-19 pandemic.

About CETI in Ceuta, Vox wants to know the measures adopted in the facilities to avoid new infections from residents as well as from workers after a 17-month-old baby who lived in the center with his family has suffered from Covid-19. Likewise, the Government is asked if it has "an emergency plan in the event of a massive contagion."

The second battery of questions registered by López, questions why the so-called hot returns guaranteed in January by the European Court of Human Rights have not been carried out, when Spain is also in a state of alarm. Vox also questions where the Government plans to host the hundred sub-Saharan immigrants who managed to enter Melilla after the massive assault on April 5, taking into account that there are more than 1,700 people in the CETI in Melilla and that it is not known which one is his health.

The training also asks if the immigrants who arrived in Melilla have been examined or if they have Covid-19. Finally, Vox is interested in knowing if the Sánchez government has an emergency plan in the event of a massive contagion among the immigrant population of the CETI.

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