The national VOX deputies for Almería, Rocío De Meer and Carlos Fernández-Roca, have registered a question for which they request a written response from the Government regarding the toilets in the province of Almería.

Specifically, the deputies have asked if the Government is going to apply the measures required by the Almería Nursing College in the de-escalation phase. They request that diagnostic tests be carried out, not only for health personnel, but for the entire population of Almería in order to avoid a Covid-19 outbreak.

According to published information, the Official College of Nursing of Almería, as representative of about 3,400 professionals from all over the province, it has joined the complaint filed by the Spanish General Nursing Congress against the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez; the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, as well as various positions in your department. Specifically, the general director of Public Health Promotion, Quality and Innovation, the general deputy director of Health Promotion and Public Health Surveillance, the general deputy director of Environmental Health and Occupational Health and the director of the Center for Coordination of Alerts and Emergencies.

VOX recalls that the Government has left health workers homeless, without sufficient safety equipment for nurses in the care of patients with Covid-19 and on many occasions Defective materials such as masks or tests without sufficient reliability.

The College of Nursing, in addition, sees this situation as something critical that the nurses of the province are experiencing in the first person. They ask that in order to start the de-escalation it is essential to carry out the diagnostic tests, not only for health personnel, but for the entire population of Almería.

The Government now has, in accordance with Article 190 of the Congress Regulations, a period of 20 days to respond, and this period may be extended at the request of the Executive for another 20 days.

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