The Senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has asked the Executive if she is going to renew the vehicles of the National Police, especially the current vans. This question is made after Merelo has been informed of the status of the Ceuta National Police zeta, which he explains, have more than a decade and numerous problems that make it difficult for officers to carry out their service normally.

Among the problems encountered by the Ceuta agents, Merelo explains in his explanatory statement, is, for example, in some of the vehicles, broken seats, air conditioning failures and numerous and chronic mechanical problems, such as failure of the windshield wipers, on the light and acoustic emergency lighting panel and gear shift lever problems.

The Ceuta agents have come to find themselves, denounces the senator, with problems with the vehicle's starter, with some UPR vans, which sometimes forces the agents to start the vehicle during service by pushing.

Thus, these vehicles are constantly under repair, which generates an operational decrease in the Ceuta National Police, which has even forced officers to patrol on foot.

In addition, this situation causes constant invoices, since the vans have to go through the workshop frequently.

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