The Senator of VOX for Ceuta, Yolanda Merelo, has registered a series of questions in the Senate related to the anticipation of the possible increase in COVID-19 cases in Ceuta and Melilla. Specifically, the senator claims to know why the Executive does not anticipate the presumable exponential increase of those infected in Ceuta and Melilla and provides them with more material and infrastructure.

The senator, in her question, proposes to install field hospitals and condition the military hospital facilities (former Military Hospital of Ceuta) so that, if necessary, they can accommodate this type of mobile medical units to avoid congestion in the only hospital they have Both cities.

Merelo, in his explanatory statement, explains that in Ceuta it is expected that cases of COVID-19 infection will continue to grow. And remember that there are hundreds of irregular immigrants, some of them with symptoms associated with the Coronavirus, housed, in an improvised manner, in the sports hall, around 200 irregular immigrants.

In this sense, the senator also refers in her letter to illegal immigrants residing in the Center for Temporary Stay of Immigrants (CETI) crowded into rooms of between 8 and 10 people, where massive contagions can occur due to the conditions in which coexist.

On the other hand, Merelo, has referred to the conditions in which the subcontracted personnel of the University Hospital of Ceuta and the Health Centers, dependent on INGESA, currently work, who are not provided with protective equipment such as masks, gels and gloves for “shortages” neither by the company nor by INGESA.

The senator highlights the role of surveillance personnel, who control the entrances of buildings and who, they have reported, do not have access, for example, to masks.

In this sense, this training recalls that the Constitution establishes that the public powers will ensure safety and hygiene at work. The Legal System establishes the responsibility for non-compliance in the prevention of occupational risks, health and occupational hygiene in the special legislation.

For all this, Merelo has asked the Executive why INGESA allows Ceuta University Hospital and its other centers to allow external personnel to work in its facilities without the corresponding protective equipment and how it is possible to allow this situation, which at risk to their workers and their families, as well as users and the rest of the INGESA workers.

In this sense, he has asked directly why INGESA does not provide workers from third-party companies that provide their services at its facilities without gels, masks and gloves

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