VOX Granada has urged the Government of Spain not to give in to the demand of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to close all European ski resorts, a decision that would delay the opening of Sierra Nevada and would be a difficult blow to overcome for this engine of the province's economy on which hundreds of Granada families depend.

The president of the Provincial Executive Committee (CEP) of VOX in Granada, Manuel Martín Montero, has defended the need to “open the Sierra Nevada ski resort as soon as possible, as soon as the mobility restrictions derived from the COVID19 regulations allow it. decreed by the Junta de Andalucía, in order to resume sporting activity to the general public and enable the opening of businesses ”.

Given the interference of the German Chancellor, from VOX Granada they have insisted that, as the European Commission (EC) declared this week, “each EU member country must decide whether to open its ski resorts, because the decision of Allowing it is a national competence ”, so it is the Government of Spain that must put in place all the mechanisms for this to be done.

This weekend the competition teams of the Andalusian Federation of Winter Sports (FADI) have trained on the slopes of Borreguiles de Sierra Nevada. "This shows that following the safety and protection protocols to avoid contagion by COVID19, the practice of sport is safe in the Granada ski resort," Manuel Martín Montero has added.

From VOX Granada they have demanded that the Junta de Andalucía “assume its responsibility and do everything possible to start the season in Sierra Nevada with all the protection measures for athletes and their families, and that the Christmas campaign can be saved, so important for the ski resort ».

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