The municipal group of Vox has urged the government team of the Granada City Council to study the request of the Association of PVC Windows (Asoven) of Spain for the abolition of the prohibition of the use of this material in the buildings of the center.

As Vox has stated in an informative note, its high thermal insulation "would allow energy savings and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in our city."

Vox councilor Beatriz Sánchez Agustino explained that “Asoven has repeatedly sent us its claim on the prohibition of the use of PVC in enclosures in certain neighborhoods in Granada, and for this reason we have sent a report from the association to the Urban Planning Department so that the elimination of the veto to this material is studied ».

As the report says, “within PVC carpentry finishes there is a wide range of wood finishes that are exact to the original wood, but with the advantage that they do not need maintenance, they remain unchanged over time and to cold areas with strong temperature differences, such as the one in Granada, is an enclosure recommended for its excellent performance and thermal and acoustic insulation.

The main benefit that this report claims is that PVC "is a material that is respectful with the environment and one hundred percent recyclable, has an average life of 50 years and improves the energy efficiency of buildings," commented the councilor.

Sánchez Agustino has also made reference this Wednesday, during his speech at the Urban Planning and Municipal Works Commission, that this request is the consequence of the innovation of the 2011 Center Special Plan on the uses of materials in facades, a regulation that specifies the maintenance of the original carpentry of the listed buildings or the use of wood, explicitly prohibiting aluminum or PVC.

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