The future of Operation Strait Pass 2020 is uncertain in the face of the Alarm State in which Spain is located and is subject to the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, the national deputy of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, along with several colleagues from her parliamentary group, has registered a battery of questions directed at the Government of Pedro Sánchez on this matter. Vox is interested, among other aspects, in knowing if the Executive is holding conversations with the countries of origin of the people who participate each year in the OPE to cooperate in preventing this year from taking place.

Vox recalls that the OPE concentrates each year more than three million travelers and almost a million vehicles that move from Europe to the Maghreb area between June 15 and the end of September. For this reason, the party warns that it is "essential to carry out all the necessary steps to avoid this transit of passengers from France, currently the fourth country in the world with the highest number of coronavirus infections, from Germany, Belgium, or the Netherlands, that as every year they would visit Spain to reach their countries of origin ”.

Given this situation, Vox requires the Government to clarify if the 2020 OPE is going to be carried out and, if steps have been taken with the countries of origin, what have been the results so far. In the event that passenger traffic is allowed, López asks the Executive to find out how he plans to control that the Covid19 does not spread “in the port of Ceuta, now with restricted passage, and the border, closed by Morocco even for its nationals "

"Will the OPE condition the opening of maritime conditions in the Strait of Gibraltar?" Asks Vox, which asks the Government to clarify that, if so, with what limitations and security and sanitary measures are will perform. In addition, the party calls on the Sánchez Executive to rule on whether it considers "a danger" that the OPE develops with the "exceptional" situation in which Spain finds itself.

Finally, López asks the State if it considers that the normalization of maritime communications between Algeciras and Ceuta should not take place until there are guarantees that these measures will not affect the state of public health.

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