The Municipal Group of VOX in the City Council of Granada has urged the Government of Spain to finance the hygienic and surgical masks, as well as the special ones intended for people with hearing disabilities, so that all the residents of Granada have adequate protection against the COVID19 pandemic and while the state of alarm lasts.

Mónica Rodríguez Gallego, councilor of VOX, has registered a motion for debate in the plenary session in November in which she also claims to the Government of Spain that “once the state of alarm has ended, and when its use is declared as recommended and not mandatory , they also continue to finance the masks through medical prescription, establishing the most adequate and safe mechanism for their distribution ", as well as" providing a specific budget for health emergencies and what happened this year does not happen again. "

“In the current state of alarm that is hitting the weakest and most necessary economic sectors again, in the continuation of the tragic management of an insolvent government, many families are seeing their economy seriously affected and cannot manage to buy the most basic and necessary food. We are without a doubt immersed in a growing food emergency in the homes of our neighbors. These people, who were previously taxpayers to the state fund, now need the state to help them with something as necessary as food and other basic products or services, ”explained Mónica Rodríguez Gallego.

In this context, “as if that were not enough, thousands of Spaniards still do not receive ERTES and the minimum vital income is authorized in a questionable way. This makes the burden of purchasing recently regulated compulsory products an intolerable effort for many families. The situation is critical and requires an immediate and forceful response. This group has already presented multiple proposals to alleviate basic needs and will continue to present as many as necessary, but today we propose the solution to an issue that affects, to a greater or lesser extent, all families: no mother should choose between buying milk or masks, no grandparent should choose between heating the home or buying masks, "concluded the councilor for VOX in Granada.

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