The La Libertad pavilion has become a focus of continuous problems and in recent weeks there have been reports in the local media that speak of riots, destruction and repeated confrontations between those who are there, who are immigrants and Cross-border workers trapped in the city after the closure of the Tarajal. The last episode was experienced this Wednesday when an immigrant attacked one of the Red Cross workers who serve in this facility. A borderline situation in which Vox has reiterated to the Government its request to transfer those who are not cross-border to the Temporary Stay Center for Immigrants (CETI) or even to the peninsula, as the national deputy of the training for Ceuta, Teresa, has already done López, weeks ago.

In a question registered this week in the Congress of Deputies, López asks when the Government plans to transfer immigrants once CETI has already been decongested with the departure of some 150 people to the peninsula. "How does the government intend to solve this extreme situation that exists in La Libertad?" Asks the Vox national deputy. In addition, López asks the Sánchez Executive to rule on whether he considers it appropriate to “use a sports hall as a parallel CETI”.

"In the La Libertad pavilion, which the Government Delegation seized a month ago to receive immigrants and cross-border, there are fights, confrontations, and even an attempt at suicide," López warns in his explanatory statement, where he points out that the lack Personnel, since the Delegation has not provided it, has led the media to describe this place as a "pavilion without law".

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