This past Sunday, a prison official from Fuerte Mendizábal was attacked by an inmate. A situation that, as workers and unions have denounced, is proof of the lack of personnel that this prison has suffered since it was launched. For this reason, the national representative of Vox for Ceuta, Teresa López, has asked the Government of the Nation directly "when are you planning to reinforce the prison staff and launch the closed regime module?"

López already presented a Proposition No of Law in February requesting that the Fuerte Mendizábal prison change its classification from 2.2 insular to 1.1 insular category, as prison officials have repeatedly claimed. In addition, the proposal called for the establishment of the corresponding List of Jobs of officials serving in the Ceutí prison. The deputy then warned that the lack of personnel prevented the opening of new modules, such as the closed-regime one, which is where the prisoner who attacked the official this Sunday should have been found.

Now, López asks the Government how he justifies that a macroprison with the characteristics of Fort Mendizábal "does not have one of the necessary and essential modules for the proper separation of the inmates." In addition, in her explanatory statement, the Ceuta parliamentarian points out how the ACAIP-UGT union has denounced in the media that at the time of the attack “there was only one official in charge of the center's most dangerous inmates, located in the income module, having as of today still not opened the closed module, more suitable for this intern profile, due to lack of sufficient personnel ”.

"Does the Government believe that it is an abandonment to prison officials to compel them to keep inmates in the Income Module – convicted or preventive – that they should be in a closed regime module due to their extreme dangerousness or manifest maladjustment to common regimes, as established by the LOGP and the Penitentiary Regulation? ”, asks the Vox national deputy. Lastly, López asks how it is possible that Interior, through the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, “has not foreseen and reinforced the needs of personnel at the Fuerte Mendizábal prison, which forces the staff to not have a closed regime module "

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