The pSpeaker of the Municipal Group of VOX in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel, has requested the mayor of the city, the socialist Alberto Rojo, "Courage to reject the blackmail of the government of Sánchez and Iglesias and do not end up usurping the money of the Guadalajareños", while he has appointed the first mayor of Guadalajara to "To allocate the municipal resources that Sánchez and Iglesias want to usurp us to lower taxes in the city or to the attention of the families of Guadalajara, to the recovery of employment in the companies of Guadalajara, to their self-employed or to our businesses."

De Miguel made these demonstrations during an extraordinary plenary session held this Monday to discuss the agreement reached by the FEMP and the Government on the use of the remnants of the Treasury of Local Entities in which the VOX spokesperson recalled "The agreement agreed and endorsed a month ago in this same plenary hall by all the political groups of this City Council to defend before the Government of Spain what legitimately belongs to all the residents of the city". Therefore, two VOX councilors in the Guadalajara City Council, Antonio de Miguel and Javier Toquero, have voted favorably on the proposal put forward by the Popular Party in this extraordinary plenary session.

"We trust that this money does not end up in other hands and for other purposes outside the city of Guadalajara"

The VOX spokesperson has shown his party's rejection of the agreement reached by the Government of Spain with the FEMP for the disposal of the municipal remnants by the Executive: "It is blackmail for the Spanish municipalities, it is unfair and unsupportive, especially for those who have complied with fiscal and responsible spending plans", has explained De Miguel, who has stressed that “Sánchez and Iglesias are capable of indebting the nation for a decade in order to maintain power for a few more months and try to avoid a rescue that they know is going to take place and that will cause cuts in pensions, salaries of public personnel and social benefits. ".

For all these reasons, the spokesperson for the Municipal Group of VOX has asked the mayor of the city to “Be brave and defend the money of the residents of the city of Guadalajara to allocate them to lower taxes, to compensate the losses or to help the most needy, to the care of the families of Guadalajara, to the recovery of employment of the companies of the city, its self-employed, our businesses, citizen security, the fight against crime, order in the streets and in the neighborhoods of Guadalajara, cleaning or all municipal services instead of allocating them to the ideological agenda of the progressive left or to increase spending on ideological gender indoctrination and its chiringuitos ".

Antonio de Miguel ended by saying that "In these historical and critical moments for Spain and Guadalajara, it is not appropriate to appropriate the savings accumulated with so much work and commitment by the residents of Guadalajara. We trust that the money that has cost us so much to save all the residents of Guadalajara will not end up in other hands and for other purposes outside the city of Guadalajara ".

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