The Municipal Group of VOX has demanded that the government team of the Granada City Council invest the time and effort necessary in real proposals for the economic and social recovery of the people of Granada, instead of wasting taxpayers' money in ideological campaigns typical of indoctrination of social communist regimes.

Mónica Rodríguez Gallego, councilor of VOX, has stated that “in view of the approaching date of November 25, for which we have presented an Institutional Declaration for the Ordinary Plenary of this month, we have the slight hope that the municipal government of PP and Ciudadanos do not fall into the same error as in the city of Córdoba, where they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the progressive doctrine and sectarianism, once again criminalizing the man and specifically, the parents ”.

From VOX we insist that «these campaigns make it clear once more that taxpayers' money is wasted instead of being used in aid packages for freelancers, entrepreneurs and businessmen in charge of small businesses and the hospitality sector that are being very severely punished, especially here in Granada. And we all know that it is the business fabric that really creates jobs and generates wealth.

"We will always defend real equality: VOX is the only party that asks for life imprisonment for rapists and we have asked for explanations about the abuse of minors in the Balearic Islands, an issue that progressive ideology has completely silenced," said Mónica Rodríguez Gallego.

For this reason, «our Municipal Group, since COVID19 befell us, we have requested that all resources be used to promote our business fabric and not in ideological campaigns or in traffic light paintings. Society now needs aid, not sectarian campaigns that demonize and criminalize senseless. We have a Local Government Board that continues to give aid to groups that are totally expendable and not to those who are really suffering the blow of the pandemic, "said the VOX councilor.

This City Council, on the other hand, “is not demanding that the Junta de Andalucía carry out a PCR on all those who have had the disease so that they can join when they are negative. Nobody is talking about the unconstitutionality of the State of Alarm that they want to extend for 6 months, when the legal thing is to do it for only 15 days and that also, during that State there must be a single command, not the co-governance that they are applying, ”Mónica Rodríguez concluded Galician.

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