The Municipal Group of VOX has denounced the opacity of the government team in the award of the contract for the logo of the image of the city and wonders what is behind the 'GRX' brand that the City Council has commissioned and paid for with everyone's money the grenadians.

Onofre Miralles, spokesperson for VOX in the Granada City Council, has criticized the "obscure response received from the municipal government to a request for information on five points to clarify the award of the logo."

The letter presented by VOX requests a copy of the complete hiring file, "which has not been provided to us", expressly indicating the documents that prove the price of the logo of the image of the city, "information that has been hidden from us", an attitude that the municipal spokesperson for VOX censors.

"We insist on knowing the details of said contract, such as which companies have been invited to submit offers and participate in the process, but the names of these companies are covered up in the response of the councilor for the area in charge, Manuel Olivares, and only refers to to the successful bidder ”, Onofre Miralles has revealed.

The Municipal Group of VOX is especially concerned that "the names of the people who made up the court that chose the logo are not revealed to us, nor do they reveal the criteria followed for said election."

Finally, “it is also hidden who was responsible for receiving the selected work, as well as the person in charge of giving approval to the payment of the invoice for the payment of the contract. Although, they affirm that the Mayor's Office has supervised the process during 2020 after the Albaicín Agency started it in November 2019, but at no time have they informed the members of the Albaicín Agency Governing Council of this contract ”.

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