The VOX Municipal Group has registered a motion for the next Motril City Council Plenary, urging that the Government of Spain be called upon to adopt urgent measures to promote the maritime line between Motril and Melilla, which is suffering severely from the consequences of the current economic crisis, as the activity of this route is paralyzed.

The VOX spokesperson in the City Council, Miguel Ángel López, has explained the reasons why his training presents this initiative: “The maritime route that connects Motril and Melilla began its services in 2011, and soon reached the leadership of the peninsular connections with the autonomous city. However, the exclusion of the line from State subsidies in 2014, as well as the abandonment of Navieras Armas from the maritime line at the request of the CNMC, extraordinarily worsened the influx and the services provided. The last straw has been the current economic crisis, derived from the Covid-19 health crisis, which has finished sinking the maritime line between Motril and Melilla, so that it is no longer providing service, and therefore VOX it is promoting initiatives at all levels to adopt urgent measures and restore the service ”.

Miguel Ángel López has highlighted that this measure "is urgently necessary for Motril and for all of Granada that the Government of Spain adopt all possible measures to prevent the maritime line from being lost, and all political groups must become aware of preserving everything that which creates wealth in the city and in working to reactivate Motril's economy in these difficult times ”.

From VOX they have highlighted that, in addition to the initiatives presented by our spokesperson in Motril, measures are being proposed at all levels to protect the maritime line and to defend the interests of Motril. «We have registered various questions in the Congress of Deputies from the hands of our national deputy, Macarena Olona, ​​who is treating the Motril-Melilla line as an essential issue for Granada and demonstrates her tireless work to materialize the important projects of the province and in this case, from Motril. In turn, a motion to the same effect was recently approved by the Provincial Council, presented by our spokesperson, Cristina Jiménez. Among all the institutional representatives of VOX we have proposed to form a transmission chain with which to put pressure from all instances until we achieve that the necessary measures are taken so that the maritime line can be retaken ”.

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