Madrid, November 24, 2020. – "We urge Trinidad (Citizens) to abandon equidistance and ensure respect for the institutions and all the deputies." That is the purpose of the letter that VOX has sent to the Madrid Assembly Table to request its president to prevent violent attacks against its deputies.

“There are spokespersons from the left who only seek media notoriety and who are increasingly aggravating the insults and attacks against the spokespersons of VOX, exercising truth on us. They accuse us of very serious things and that is intolerable ”, denounced Rocío Monasterio in the press conference after the Board of Spokespersons. "We always adopt the attitude of smiling, but we urge the president of the Table to expel those deputies who commit such aggressions, out of respect for the institutions and all deputies: we have the right to speak and that the institutions do not degrade", demanded.

On the other hand, the VOX spokeswoman announced one of the proposals that will be debated in the next plenary session of the Chamber, on December 3. This is NLP to end discrimination against people with disabilities in the Abortion Law, as many groups have been claiming for years. "It is a matter of equality before the law of all Spaniards," Monasterio recalled, specifying that it is about "eliminating the discrimination that exists in the right to be born of children with a disability such as Down syndrome."

Thus, the regional Executive must urge the national government to modify Organic Law 2/2010 of March 3, on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy to eliminate disability as a legal cause for the interruption of pregnancy so that the terms – up to 22 weeks – are not a cause of discrimination.

Likewise, VOX requires the Community of Madrid to reinforce the protocols in hospitals to inform, help and accompany parents who are going to have a baby with a disability. "Let them know that they have the support of all of society," he concluded.

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