“In the last municipal plenary session of Cabanillas a Kafkaesque situation was experienced and that is that Unidas Podemos presented a motion urging the García-Page government to build a health center in Cabanillas, a motion supported by the PSOE. With which we saw a government of United We Can-PSOE urging the PSOE to build a health center for which in fourteen years they have done nothing " this is how he explained spokesperson for the municipal group of VOX in Cabanillas del Campo, Serafín Tallón what happened in the plenary session held at the end of October.

It should be remembered that in 2006, Roberto Sabrido, the then Socialist Health Minister of Castilla-La Mancha, visited Cabanillas del Campo to take a photo and say that they were going to build a health center. The Cabanillas City Council, which was chaired by the also socialist Jesús Miguel Pérez, promised to find a plot to offer to the Board and as Tallón has stated "It took five years to find the plot and after nine more years, the health center is not built."

The current health center of Cabanillas del Campo was built 22 years ago. At that time, it served a population of just 2,000 inhabitants. Today, in addition to the cabanilleros, it serves the residents of Torrejón del Rey and Valdeaveruelo, a total of about 20,000 people.

From the land located between Goya street and Marchamalo highway where the health center was to be built the President of VOX Guadalajara Josué Martín has ensured that "It had to be built more than eleven years ago, they are continuously lying to us, as with the institute, to all the cabanilleros. They are not going to build it. More than ten years ago there was a plaque here announcing that construction and we are still without a health center despite the large population that Cabanillas del Campo has and its surrounding population nucleus ".

“We have to empower the councils and let these mistakes not continue to happen in our communities. Emiliano García-Page, don't tell us that you are going to build a health center, don't tell us that you are going to fix a hospital, fix it, do it ”, Martin has concluded.

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